EcoScrub Pro

EcoScrub Pro is an ultra-concentrate acrylic remover designed for fast removal of acrylic floor finishes. EcoScrub Pro is safe for use on typical corporate, manufacturing and institutional floor surfaces.

Key Benefits

Compatible Products

  1. StaticWorx GroundWorx Seal is a catalyzed urethane floor finish. GroundWorx Seal is designed to be used as a durable, long-lasting finish on rubber and LVT surfaces.
  2. StaticWorx ScrubWorx Pro is a surfactant-free cleaner that is safe for all surface types and will not leave a residue. ScrubWorx Pro can be used to remove existing GroundWorx Seal urethane floor coating. Removal needs to be done every one to three years, depending upon the application and use.

Instructions for Removing Acrylic or Urethane Coatings

  • Based on how many layers of Seal have been applied, EcoScrub Pro will need to be reduced anywhere from 1:4 to 1:2. For greatest efficiency, designate a test area of the floor and test various levels of water reduction. On average, dwell time for removers may vary from 20-60 minutes.
  • Prepare the area for removal of the finish
  • Remove all furniture and obstructions from the room.
  • Sweep or vacuum area
    • Sand can cause deep scratches in the floor during the cleaning process.
  • Wear proper safety protection when using chemicals. Gloves and goggles recommended.
  • Based on test results, dilute EcoScrub to the desired reduction ratio.
  • Spread solution evenly across floor with an old microfiber flat mop.
    • Spread enough solution to keep the floor wet. Add more solution to areas that appear to be dry.
  • Allow the solution to dwell for approximately 20- 30 minutes.
  • With a low-speed machine equipped with the appropriate brush, loosen remaining finish.
  • If necessary to rewet and aid in extraction, pour ScrubWorx Pro multi-purpose cleaner on the floor.
  • Extract solution.
  • Rinse with ScrubWorx Pro multi-purpose cleaner and water.
  • Pour ScrubWorx Pro, diluted 1:4, directly on the floor, scrub, and extract solution. If any shiny spots exist and/or oily-like resistance, reapply ScrubWorx solution and machine scrub.
    • You may need to switch to a maroon SPP to lift stubborn soil.
  • Clean-water rinse until water is clear.
  • Allow the floor to dry. If necessary, use air movers to speed the process.
  • The floor is now ready for re-application of StaticWorx GroundWorx Seal urethane.

Limited Warranty

A limited warranty applies to product failure that is not related to application, surface failure, surface contaminants, environmental conditions, or the use of products or coatings that are incompatible with StaticWorx-branded products. StaticWorx cannot control the application of this product or the conditions of the surface to which it is applied and therefore cannot be held liable for such claims. Under no circumstances will the liability exceed product replacement. There are no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof.

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