ScrubWorx Pro

Multi-purpose cleaner

ScrubWorx Pro is an effective, versatile multi-purpose cleaner, specially designed for cleaning floors before and after applying urethane coatings. Use for heavy soiled or light daily cleaning without leaving chemical residue.

Key Benefits


Daily Floor Care

Mix ScrubWorx Pro multi-purpose cleaner according to label instructions. Use mop & bucket or auto scrubber to clean the area. Controlling sand and other contaminants is the key to a longer-lasting, more vibrant finish.

Light daily use: 1oz. ScrubWorx Pro per gallon of water.
Heavy Soil: 4oz. ScrubWorx Pro per gallon of water.
Use with a flat mop or auto scrubbers (will not foam up).

Recommended Pads:
White Microfiber Bonnet Floor Pad (non-looped type)
Low abrasive (white) standard floor pad.

General Cleaning Procedures

  • Remove all entrance mats.
  • Clean mats according to supervisor recommendations and procedures.
  • Examine all chair leg protectors. Replace as needed.
  • Using a microfiber dry mop, remove all dirt and debris from floor.
  • Spot clean any dirt, grease or ink, using appropriate cleaner.
  • Using ScrubWorx Pro and appropriate auto-scrubber, scrubbing pads or damp mop, clean all areas of the floor.
  • Post wet floor signs in all appropriate places.

Other Uses

Degreasing: Cut residue using ScrubWorx after use of heavy degreasers.

Removing gum and tar: Using a dull scraper, remove the majority of gum or tar. Wet a soft cloth with undiluted ScrubWorx Pro, and wipe the floor gently.

Please note: Finish slightly softened by the removal process will recover.

Stripping a Factory-Applied Finish

Before applying a coating to newly installed vinyl tile, remove the factory-applied finish, using ScrubWorx Pro, mixed 1:4 with water. The factory finish will prevent proper adhesion of a new coating. For that reason, it is imperative that it is completely removed before applying new urethane.

In some cases, ScrubWorx Pro may not fully strip the factory-applied finish. In that case, use EcoScrub Pro, following StaticWorx instructions.

How to Determine if You Need to Use EcoScrub Pro Stripper

Factory-applied finishes act as a barrier against soiling. They also prevent proper adhesion of a new coating. If the factory finish is not fully removed it will interact with and contaminate the new coating, resulting in an unsightly appearance.

To determine whether or not the factory finish is fully removed, drizzle water on the stripped floor. If you see beading or surface tension, the manufacturer’s finish has not been fully removed and the floor is not ready to coat. In this case, use EcoScrub Pro, following StaticWorx instructions.

Once the factory-applied finish has been fully removed, rinse with ScrubWorx Pro, mixed 1:4 with clean water. Rinse three times.

After Acrylic/Urethane Stripper

Mix ScrubWorx Pro 1:4 with water to re-activate for additional stripping power and to remove the stripping solution from floor.

After Chemical Strip

Mix ScrubWorx Pro 1:4 with water to aid in clean-up. Follow up with 1-4 oz. per gallon of water with final rinses.

Limited Warranty

A limited warranty applies to product failure that is not related to application, surface failure, surface contaminants, environmental conditions, or the use of products or coatings that are incompatible with StaticWorx-branded products. StaticWorx cannot control the application of this product or the conditions of the surface to which it is applied and therefore cannot be held liable for such claims. Under no circumstances will the liability exceed product replacement. There are no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof.

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