Glossary: Antistatic Carpet

The term antistatic refers to a condition where static generation is inhibited when the antistatic material comes into frictional contact with another material—in flooring terms, inhibits static when people walk across the antistatic floor.

When referring specifically to carpet, the term “antistatic” has a slightly different meaning. Antistatic carpet is a generic term referring to any carpet product that generates less static electricity than standard carpet. Antistatic carpet is not conductive and cannot be grounded.

Antistatic carpet usually contains bi-component yarns. The reason for specifying antistatic carpet is to establish a space that will be free of static shocks, or zaps. Most new antistatic carpet will prevent shocks as long as the relative humidity (RH) is above 25%.

Anti static carpets do not offer permanent static protection and should NOT be confused with conductive or ESD carpet.

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