Glossary: NFPA 99

(National Fire Prevention Agency section 99), NFPA 99 provides a test methodology for measuring the conductivity of flooring and other surfaces. This test was originally designed in the 1960’s for hospital operating rooms that used explosive gases for anesthesia. Operating room surfaces were required to be conductive so that static fields would be safely discharged to ground instead of dangerously discharged, as a spark could ignite an explosion.

Note: The NFPA no longer includes ESD flooring in their standard and the NFPA test method, which uses 500 volts of applied D/C current, is not used to evaluate ESD floors.

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StaticWorx high-performance static-control floors protect electronic components, explosives, and high-speed computers from damage caused by static electricity. ESD flooring is part of a system. Choices should always be based on objective, researched evidence. When you partner with us, we look at all possible items that may need to integrate with the floor, and, focusing on your goals and objectives, help you find the right floor for your application.