FAQ: Where is antistatic carpet used?

Collage with five images shown ShadowFX static-dissipative (ESD) carpet tile used in a variety of applications and environments including a manufacturing facility, a police control room, a presentation/meeting room and a call center.

Antistatic carpet tile protects electronic equipment from harm due to random electrostatic discharge (ESD) events. This type of carpeting is commonly used in facilities that rely on electronics for their core mission and cannot afford disruption or downtime.

Some examples of where antistatic carpet tiles may be used include:

  1. Data centers: Random ESD events can damage servers and disrupt data.
  2. Laboratories: Labs often rely on expensive equipment to create and test new products. ESD can damage or destroy the internal circuitry inside this equipment.
  3. Manufacturing and Assembly facilities: Antistatic carpet tiles can help prevent damage to electronic components during production and assembly processes.
  4. Offices: Random ESD events can disrupt networked computer systems. In these facilities, antistatic carpet tile prevents static generation when people walk.
  5. Flight Control Towers: In a flight tower, static electricity can cause disruptions in flight monitoring equipment, possibly causing planes to ghost or go off course.
  6. Financial Institutions: ESD in a bank or financial institution can cause scrambled or disrupted data. In a Wall Street firm, seconds of disrupted data can be a disaster.
  7. PSAPs: In public safety facilities such as 9-1-1 dispatch centers, ESD events result in lost or dropped calls or lost emergency vehicles due to scrambled GPS signals.

This is just a small sampling of the many types of facilities that rely on antistatic carpet to control static and protect their sensitive electronics from harm due to ESD events. In general, antistatic carpet tiles are suitable for most carpet-friendly environments* where static electricity can cause problems or damage expensive electronic equipment.


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StaticWorx high-performance static-control floors protect electronic components, explosives, and high-speed computers from damage caused by static electricity. ESD flooring is part of a system. Choices should always be based on objective, researched evidence. When you partner with us, we look at all possible items that may need to integrate with the floor, and, focusing on your goals and objectives, help you find the right floor for your application.