Video: Installing Anti Static Carpet Over Raised Access Panels

August 1, 2022

Installing ShadowFX ESD carpet tile over raised access panels is easy, using conductive releasable adhesive and a 1/16” trowel. Trowel the adhesive over the panel. Let the adhesive dry completely. You’ll know it’s dry when the adhesive is clear and leaves no residue. When you’re sure the adhesive is completely dry, simply lay the tile over the panel.

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Hi, I’m Kimberly Petraccaro, and I’m with StaticWorx.

A lot of the applications we work with needing static-control flooring use raised access panels. One of the questions we get from the installers is how do we install the floor over the raised access panel?

It’s really simple. Using our, or specifically, at least for the ESD carpet tiles, using our GroundTack Conductive Releasable Adhesive and a 1/16″ trowel, it’s very simple. You want to do a full spread of adhesive over the top of the panel. This adhesive can be used over any type of raised access panel whether it be bare metal or have HPL on it.

Before you actually put a carpet tile on top of the panel you want to make sure that the adhesive is completely dried. You’ll know that it’s completely dried two ways. The first way is that it’s going to be clear. As you can see, the adhesive I already installed is not completely clear. It has like a grayish tint to it.

The second way that you’ll know the adhesive is completely dried, is by taking your finger, pushing down on the panel, lifting up your finger, and seeing if there’s any residue on your finger. You do not want to have any residue on your finger. As you can see, the adhesive I laid down is not completely dried. Once you have no residue on your finger, and it’s clear, you are now ready to install the carpet tiles on top of the panel.

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