Video: StaticWorx GroundSafe™ ESD Flooring – Your Trusted Partner

July 13, 2017

Choosing an ESD floor can be confusing. In this video, we explain the benefits of working in partnership with StaticWorx, an expert in static-control flooring. We’ll explain what you should look for in an ESD flooring partner and the service and advice you should be able to expect from a reliable expert.

For help or advice about choosing an ESD floor, call us on 617-923-2000, email [email protected], or visit our Guide to ESD Flooring Selection.

Choosing the right static-control floor can be confusing. You know static can damage sensitive electronics, destroy components, disrupt data. Did you know every application is different, with different requirements for static control? Or that a floor that works well in one environment can fail miserably in another?

You could try Googling the information you need, but wouldn’t it be easier to work with an expert? Who won’t rush you or push for a quick fix that may not be the right solution for you? A partner who will listen to your concerns, answer questions, present various options?

At StaticWorx, we know static electricity. Before recommending any floor, we discuss the particulars of your application, paying close attention to your goals and objectives. We share industry approved standards and specifications, explain technical terms relevant to your project, present hard evidence like case studies to help you make an informed decision, and guide you in writing the proper specifications to address your specific application and site conditions.

Because we offer multiple forms of ESD flooring, from environmentally friendly premier options like rubber, mid-priced coverings like carpet and vinyl–in designs inspired by nature–to cost-effective epoxy coatings, you’ll find a high-performing StaticWorx floor to fit any budget.

Working as a team, we’ll help you choose the best floor for your application. Should a problem arise along the way, we’ll be there with you, to the end, until the problem has been resolved. After the floor is installed, we’ll certify–in writing–that it meets the appropriate ESD standards, and give you a maintenance plan to keep your floor clean without compromising its electrical properties.

We even provide CEU credits for architects and designers to teach them the latest in static control.

StaticWorx. We keep you grounded.

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Background photo is of a completed ShadowFX static-dissipative (ESD) carpet installation in an electronics manufacturing and assembly facility. In the foreground at the bottom are two boxes. The top is a bright blue with the StaticWorx logo. The second is a dark blue-gray and includes the text in white: “Static-Free Floors in Biomorphic Designs Inspired by Nature”
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Background graphic is a still from the StaticWorx GroundSafe ESD Flooring – Your Trusted Partner explainer animation. In the foreground at the bottom are two boxes. The top is a bright blue with the StaticWorx logo and "GroundSafe ESD Flooring" underneath in white. The second is a dark blue-gray and includes the text in white: “GroundWorx ESD Flooring – Your Trusted Partner”
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StaticWorx high-performance static-control floors protect electronic components, explosives, and high-speed computers from damage caused by static electricity. ESD flooring is part of a system. Choices should always be based on objective, researched evidence. When you partner with us, we look at all possible items that may need to integrate with the floor, and, focusing on your goals and objectives, help you find the right floor for your application.