Video: ESD interlocking tile - durability questions answered

November 24, 2020

This video documents the durability of GroundLock Extreme ESD Interlocking tile, the result of an advanced manufacturing process. Various tests were performed. Objectives included demonstrating the importance of a solid, dimensionally stable, immovable flooring installation without the use of adhesive.

  1. Ease of moving a heavy rolling load by hand: We start the test by easily rolling and rotating a 923 lb load with a pallet jack. There is no compression which enables simple movement of a heavy load. Groundlock Extreme tiles are manufactured using high compression calender processing. Conventional plastic processing like injection molding would yield a much softer surface making it much more difficult to move heavy loads.
  2. We show a 10,000 pound forklift maneuvered at speed forward, backwards and rotationally on and across the sample installation area. Try this on any other free lay floor tile and the installation would dismantle.
  3. Cleanability after abuse: The hard shell of Groundlock Extreme prevents embedded contamination. The calendering process is augmented by a surface laser treatment creating a dense, low porosity, easily cleaned shell. What is calendering?
  4. Other factors: Groundlock Extreme sandwiches 2 layers of fiberglass in the 1/4″ thickness. This prevents doming of tiles and creates tremendous dimensional stability. Once again, made possible by advanced calendering processing.

Learn more about GroundLock EXTREME ESD Interlocking Flooring here.

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