StaticWorx portable Walking Test Kit System


A hand-held meter used to test the performance of ESD floors in combination with a person per ANSI/ESD STM 97.2. and IEC Standard 61340-4-5.

The electrostatic charge of a person walking on an ESD safe floor with ESD safe footwear can be measured with the EFM51WT Walking Test Kit. This test provides measurement data on the actual charge on a person while walking which is used to determine the effectiveness of the floor/footwear grounding system.

The EFM51 holds the PEAK value of the measured body voltage, as well as the LIVE static voltage measured on the operator’s body.

The kit includes the EFM51 static field meter, walking test adapter plate, hand probe and conductive carrying case.  The EFM51 is a fully function field meter that in addition to the Walking Test, measures and detects electrostatic fields, surface potentials and discharge times (with optional charge plate accessory – p/n 7100.EFM51.CPS.SET.)

Additional Information
4 lbs
Dimensions (kit)
14 × 13 × 4 in
Walking Test, Measure Static Fields and Voltage, Ionizer Performance (with CPS accessory)
Dimensions (meter)
2.75x 0.8×1.02 inches
LCD display
Power Supply
9 V Battery
Operating Time
Approx 10 hours at continuous operation with alkaline battery
Measuring Range
0V – ±160kV (distance mode), 0 – 800 kV/m (field strength mode)

How to Use

Prepare the field meter

  1. The electrostatic field meter should be placed into the grounded foam base that is on a flat surface near the floor to be tested.
  2. Hold the function button until “change mode” appears.  Press the button until “Max Value” appears (This is 6 button presses). This mode will become active in 2 seconds.
  3. Walking test pattern
    Hold the probe in one hand and perform the walking test:

The operator walks on the floor section in a six-step pattern and comes to rest with both feet on the floor specimen in front of the EFM meter. The step pattern requires forward and backward steps and a cross over step:

Perform the test three times and record the results.

Reading the meter

  1. The upper display line indicates the maximum positive and negative body voltage generated on the person when walking.
  2. The lower line indicates the minimum body voltage on the person.

Understanding the measurements

Two sets of measurements are obtained during the procedure. The first measures voltage generation during the walking cycle and is defined as the Maximum Body Voltage. The second measures the voltage obtained at the end of the cycle with both feet on the floor specimen and is defined as the Minimum Body Voltage.

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