Selecting and Specifying an ESD Floor

Selecting and Specifying an ESD Floor

As you may already know, ESD flooring is not a one-size-fits-all product. A floor that works well in one application or environment can fail in another.

In this hub, we’ve gathered all the information you need to specify or select the right ESD floor for various applications.

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From our Guide to ESD Flooring Selection

This comprehensive guide helps specifiers choose the right ESD floor for specific applications. Charts, graphs, and illustrations simplify technical details.

Selecting ESD Flooring

Choosing ESD Flooring for Cleanrooms

Selecting Flooring for Cleanrooms

15 min read
ESD flooring requirements for cleanrooms differ from other applications. In this article, you’ll find tips and relevant technical details to help you choose the right floor.
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Choosing ESD Flooring for Electronics Handling and Manufacturing Applications

Selecting Flooring for Electronics Applications

22 min read, 1 min video
To protect circuits and components, electronics manufacturing and handling must follow stringent requirements. Learn why and how to choose the right ESD floor.
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Mission-critical Spaces

Selecting Flooring for Mission-Critical Spaces

16 min read
Mission-critical spaces must be operational 24/7. Learn why ESD can disrupt data or damage equipment and how to select a floor that protects against static.
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Standards and Footwear by Application

7 Common Mistakes in Selecting ESD Flooring

7 Common Mistakes in Selecting ESD Flooring

23 min read, 3 min video
Most ESD flooring failures and liabilities stem from 7 avoidable mistakes. Find out what they are & how you can easily escape these common pitfalls.
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Heel straps worn

ESD Footwear: What Is It and When Is It Necessary?

15 min read
Without special footwear, some ESD floors do not prevent static discharge. Learn why, how options differ, and how footwear interacts with flooring materials.
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ESD Testing - Ohmmeter

ESD Standards by Application

14 min read
Industry standards and test methods provide metrics to determine quality and performance. Find ESD standards and tests for various industries and applications.
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ESD by Application
ESD Footwear Chart

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StaticWorx high-performance static-control floors protect electronic components, explosives, and high-speed computers from damage caused by static electricity. ESD flooring is part of a system. Choices should always be based on objective, researched evidence. When you partner with us, we look at all possible items that may need to integrate with the floor, and, focusing on your goals and objectives, help you find the right floor for your application.