Video: ESD Flooring: Making Sense of Industry Standards

FEBRUARY 3, 2011

A short overview about ESD Association standards involving conductive and static dissipative flooring.

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Hi, I’m Dave Long, President of StaticWorx and in this video we’re going to spend a few minutes talking about ESD standards.

The essential component in any ESD flooring installation is determining the ohms rating of the floor after it’s installed and in order to know that you’re actually putting a floor in that’s eliminating static electricity and providing a safe path to ground, you have to have the ability to test the floor and you have to have a standard to utilize when you’re testing it.

Anyone who’s ever gone on the internet and done any research has probably discovered that there’s at least a dozen different standards that you might utilize when evaluating ESD flooring and I’m going to just go over a couple of them, the main one being what’s called the ESD Association.

The ESD Association has actually created a document called ANSI ESD S20.20. It’s available on their website for free and I suggest before you do any work with ESD flooring you download the document. It’s available at and you’ll see it right on the homepage.

And the second one is NFPA 99. NFPA 99 deals with health care facilities and the ESD Association standards deal with handling electronic equipment.

Unfortunately, standards can be very confusing and I think that if you’re looking to dig into this a little bit deeper you might want to visit our knowledge center on our website and look for the article “Taking the Mystery Out of ESD Flooring.”

I go into great detail comparing the standards and the test methods, so I would suggest you visit both these organizations, you utilize our information, and if you need further assistance, you can call me.

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