Video: ESD Tile Installation – Which Conductive Adhesive Should You Use?

August 14, 2020

Following on from Static Shorts: How to Choose the Right Conductive Adhesive for ESD Flooring Installations, this video answers the most commonly asked question, “Can you show me the bond strength differences between pressure-sensitive adhesives?” In this short episode of Static Shorts, Dave Long, President and Founder of StaticWorx, demonstrates bond strength using a conductive pressure-sensitive releasable adhesive and StatBond permanent conductive adhesive.

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Hi, I’m Dave Long from StaticWorx. We’ve launched a video on YouTube recently comparing different types of conductive adhesive. And I’ve gotten a few questions. One of the biggest questions I got was, “can you show me the bond strength differences between pressure-sensitive adhesives?”. It’s a big deal to a lot of people because pressure-sensitive adhesives make jobs a lot easier. They’re not messy, they don’t ooze up through tiles when you roll the tiles.

So what I’ve done to demonstrate this is, is I’ve taken three dumbbells. I took a 15 pounder, which I’ve attached to this piece of wood. With conductive pressure-sensitive releasable adhesive. I took a 25 pound dumbbell, I’ve attached it to this piece of wood with StatBond permanent conductive adhesive. And I went for broke, I decided to mount a 40 pound dumbbell to this one with StatBond permanent adhesive.

So all I’m going to do in this video, I’m going to pick up these pieces of wood. And I’ll tip them upside down, and we’ll see if the adhesive actually holds the dumbbell.

So I’m going to start with the 15 pounder that’s held with the releasable adhesive. Did exactly what it’s supposed to do. Now let’s take the 25 pound dumbbell, no problem. Let’s take the 40 pounder, no problem. That’s what I’m talking about, when I talk about bond strength. By the way these are all steel dumbbells, so it doesn’t really matter what your substrate is. It can be VCT, old epoxy, concrete or metal. This adhesive will bond to all of those materials.

Thanks for watching this. Please sign up for our YouTube channel, we have over 20 videos. I think you’ll find them all very interesting. Thanks again.

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